Alhambra Guitars

Alhambra Guitars has over 50 years of presence int the market and a huge experience in the craft construction of guitars. They are dedicated to the creation of these uniques pieces, the result of 
the perfect union between manual tradition and modern wood treatment techniques.
Alhambra Guitars are renowed for their quality, design and sound, provided by the professionalism of their builders, due to their working method and their careful selection of woods, especially their
cedars and spruce tops. The company has five main product lines: Classical Guitars, Flamenco, Mandolins and Lutes, Acoustic and Professional Guitars.
All lines are suitable for having three different levels of instrument knowledge: beginner models, conservatory models and the professional range.A wide range is completed with the possibility of
creating an instrument tailored to the specfic needs of each costumer (cut versions, custom guitars, special sizes, electrified, left-hand,...). Alhambra is represented in ouver 40 countries.